J R C Payyampally

SCHSS Payyampally is located in Mananthavady Panchayath in Wayanad district. There are different opinion about the origin of the name Payyampally. It is believed that a person named Chandu who lived in Wayanad on a contemporary of the heroes of vadakkanpattu like Thacholly Othenan, Thacholly Chandu, Unniyarcha etc and it is said that his surname Payyamvelly gradually changed into Payyampally. Another opinion about the origin of the name Payyampally is that it is the surname of a Jain inhabitant of this place. Rev. Fr. Lembardini the vicar of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception church Mananthavady took initiative to bring up the Christian community at Payyampally in 1936. As a result a church was constructed on the land donated by Mr. Devassia Kodakkachira. Later with the special interest of Fr. Alocious Dicilva, vicar of Mananthavady, along with Fr Kuthoor Assistant vicar of Mananthavady an elementary school was started on the second of June1942. The name of St. Catherine’s was given to the School by the suggestion of an Italian couple who had donated $200 for its construction. Mr. John Niravath was the first Head Master to the school and the first name to be entered to the school register was A.M. Mathew Iyanikkattu. In 1955 the school was upgraded to Upper Primary by the special efforts of Rev.Fr. George Kazhikachalil and Mr. K.D. Philip was appointed as the Head Master. Later in 1966 the school was upgraded as a High School by the earnest efforts of Rev. Fr. Francis Arrupara and Rev.Fr. Jacob Nedumpally. In the beginning the school was under Thalassery Corporate till 1973 and now it is functioning under the diocese ofMananthavady. When His Excellency Rev.Dr. Emmanuel Pothanamuzhy was the Bishop of Mananthavady the school was upgraded as Higher Secondary School in1998 by the efforts of Rev. Rr. James Kunnathettu and Rev.Fr. Kurian Vazhayil. From 2007 the Higher Secondary School and High School are separately administered by the principal and Head Master respectively .Now the High school section is progressing under the guidance of Smt. Alice Joseph